Auto Analytics

Sales Analytics

Which brand and model is likely to sell faster/ slower and why? How long to wait before adding a discount to a vehicle?

Who to target your cars with – profiling your customers and matching them to your cars

KYC – Know Your Customer – tying online visits and dealer visits to know who they are

Campaign Analytics

Campaign Effectiveness

Campaign Attribution

Cost – Benefit

When to start/ stop?

What channels to pursue?

Customer Behavior Analytics

Marketing Mix/ Product Mix optimization based on Customer Segments

Develop a single view of your customer – build compelling differentiated offers through-out sales and service relationships

Understand the Customer Sentiments via customer touch points (social media, CRM, service interactions etc..)

Develop Customer retention processes

Customer Lifetime Value – Calculate your customers’ CLV based on your data and predict next suggested course of actions


Understand Sales/Service potential value of different customer segments

Using that knowledge to strategically target new customers whilst maintain the loyalty of existing customers

Improve customer experience to drive retention

Build a predictive model to understand which groups will respond profitably.