1. What does Tesser Insights do, in a nutshell?

Tesser Insights delivers analytical business insights to operational systems, at speed, in a subscription model, while keeping the complexity out. Tesser Insights develops and integrates business analytics, the key ingredient in any digital transformation, on a ready-to-use data lake platform supported by a range of managed and concierge services. In a nutshell, just bring your data. Everything else, we provide.

The Tesser self-service portal is data orchestration layer that sits on top of our Tesser Insights platform. It provides a unified interface and access to all the capabilities you need for data analysis. It cleanses and transforms data and helps visualize business outcomes and derive business insights. From ingestion to API integration, business users can do everything on the Tesser self-service portal.

The Tesser self-service portal has been created to provide a single place to look at all your data and perform self-service analysis. It has been designed for users with minimal technical knowledge. But if users have knowledge of SQL and Machine Learning, they can also perform robust operations on the data while keeping out the complexity of the technology. It eliminates the need to log into multiple tools for various capabilities and provides a single interface for all capabilities.

At Tesser Insights, we are committed to provide our users with the best possible solutions that will integrate into their business seamlessly. We will deliver a product that suits the needs and requirements of your business. Additional functionalities and changes can also be implemented to the platform on demand.

As the name suggests, Tesser Pro is a more advanced version than Tesser Lite. For instance, Tesser Pro offers advanced analytical options, notifications, activity tracking of the users and a new user interface to help the users perform their actions. Tesser Lite on the other hand keeps it simple and easy to use for non-technical users.


1. Can I get a free demo of the Tesser Insights portal?

Yes. We offer a free demo (as well as a 15-day trial) so that you can acquire first-hand experience of how the platform works and how it can be integrated into your organization.

It usually takes between 1-3 weeks for simple use cases and 8-10 weeks for complex ones.

Tesser Insights has been modelled to assist and develop analytic solutions across industries. The team at Tesser Insights has experience delivering data warehousing and analytical solutions to customers in the Healthcare, Financial Services, Retail and Consumer Goods, , Energy & Utilities, Telecom, Entertainment and Hospitality (hyperlink these to our Industries page on the website) industries.


1. Why is the platform built on Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft is one of the oldest and mature analytical tools providers in the world. The Microsoft analytics ecosystem is rich with tools in every category such as SQL Server, SSRS, SSIS, SSAS all of which have been ported to the cloud in their newer versions such as Azure Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Analysis Services, Power BI, Azure Data Lake Storage and many more. It is for this reason that we decided to build the Tesser Insights platform on Azure.

Tesser Insights provides a catalogue of services designed to help businesses mitigate their data related issues. From helping organizations migrate to the azure cloud to implementing custom data warehouses and BI solutions in a variety of tools and platforms, Tesser Insights has a very experienced team that can help you with your analytical needs. Senior members of the Tesser Insights team have more than 15-20 years of experience in Tier 1 consultancy firms delivering BI solutions to Fortune 500 organizations. Read more about our services at our Case Studies page.

Aside from Tesser portal, we offer the following data services: Data Analytics, Data Migration, Data Management, Data Integration.