Adopting a business intelligence solution is a smart way to work towards retail goals. With the global business intelligence and analytics market reaching billions in the very recent past, it goes without saying that BI is an irrefutable advantage to the retail industry. Leveraging the features of BI and data management services, coupled with the expertise of analytics and data integration, a retail business intelligence solution may be just the answer to optimizing retail. Many physical stores and companies have integrated data intelligence into their fabric and made spectacular changes in their outlets. For instance, a retail store discovered that men are more likely to buy nappies rather than women, and strategically placed a beer outlet next to the nappies section in their store. Within a matter of months, their beer sales noticeably shot up. In a nutshell, the data provided by all different sensors or input devices, help generate customer behavior intelligence which is used to make spot-on predictions and boost sales. The way business and data intelligence is used here to completely revolutionize the face of retail is visionary.