Tesser Services


At Tesser Insights, our experienced team  of senior consultants can help your organization with top-of-the-line consulting services and insights. Our team has consulted and successfully delivered projects for large enterprises such as Hewlett Packard, AT&T, Coca Cola, Unilever, Standard Chartered, Pfizer etc. As part of our consulting assignments we work with you to define your vision and strategy for improving your business by developing the roadmap towards accelerating analytics adoption. We provide consultancy services for defining your data architecture and data models for delivering analytics and deep insights


Data Management And Development

Developing and deploying an analytics ecosystem can get complex and overwhelming. Tesser Insights has decades of experiencing delivering complex analytics solutions for organizations of all sizes. We have experience in full life cycle turnkey delivery of data warehouse and big data analytics projects involving a range of technology platforms. Based on your requirements we can recommend the best setup for data warehouses (on premise, cloud, hybrid) and help you migrate to a modern analytics ecosystem. We will design, develop, deploy and migrate your current systems to the new solution. We also create custom use cases that are unique and built with only your needs and requirements in mind so that it integrates effortlessly into your organization’s workflow. ​

Data Migration

Along with building new data warehouses and use cases, we are also experts in Data Migration. Our team can help you shift your existing analytics infrastructure to the cloud by harnessing our  expertise in Azure. We work with you on your roadmap towards data warehouse modernization to accelerate data migration to the cloud as well as ensuring that the data warehouse is future ready.

Speed, Quality and efficiency is our motto, and we strive to deliver that with all our services.  


Analytical Insights

Once you have the foundation blocks set up, the platform is readily available to deliver analytical insights. You can now focus on the insights to make informed decisions about your business. As part of this journey, we provide advanced analytics support through our data analysts and data engineers so you can focus only on the business insights.

We are a team of seasoned veterans in Big Data and Data analytics. We will create various analytical visualizations and reports based on your business’s unique requirements. This will truly empower you and maximize the potential and opportunity of your journey in Big Data!

End-to-End Maintenance

We provide end to end maintenance support for ongoing analytical ecosystem including the infrastructure, the technology components and custom analytical solutions that are built on them. As part of the maintenance, we take care of backup and archival strategies, data storage and retention strategies for warm and cold data, the security of the application and the infrastructure ensuring the keys and secrets are rotated on a periodic basis, keeping the code base current by applying fixes, patches and updates. Along with these, we also ensure that any functionality works seamlessly ensuring that the code is bug-free.